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About Us

Where We Began:

Harquin Technologies is an Internet Marketing company located in Orlando, Fl, with over 20 combined years of Fortune 500 experience in Engineering, Sales, and Marketing. Harquin was started to create a company that was the opposite of Corporate America.

We wanted to make work fun where team members and customers weren’t just numbers on a chart but human beings with real thoughts, goals, and dreams.

That’s why we strive to be a company that constantly invests in its customers, is loyal to its team members, and provides an open and free environment.  We use our sales, marketing, and engineering expertise to craft custom online solutions that help your business maximize its online potential.

We don’t stop working for you until you are absolutely happy with your project.  Your business WILL grow, you’re going to have fun and gain some great relationships while working with us.

Where We Want to Go:

Our mission is to help your company increase its revenue by developing quality software that adds value to you and your customers.

We work hard to identify the best solution for your company and quickly develop so that you are seeing 8 to 10 times the return on your investment.

Let us lend our talent, creativity, positivity, and expertise to propel your business to the next level.

  • We are PARTNERS

    We are people who want to partner with your company to help you become all that you envision it to be. We strive to deliver products that will take your business to a new level.


    We are people who make your success our priority because it is the ONLY way that we survive and thrive.  We stick out a project to the end and we strive to be fast and reliable.


    We are people who like to think big.  We like to come up with innovative ways to solve issues with your business, and increase your growth.

Some of Our Happy Customers

Innocente Messy, London fashion designer

Energy 1 USA, Probiotics

E2B Solutions, Real Estate Firm and School

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