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You need a website for your business

Let’s say you are talking to a potential customer.
They’ve just heard about your service and you are having a great conversation with them.  They seem interested in what you have to say when they realize they have to get to an appointment.
If they are serious about your company, what do you think is the first thing that they’ll as soon as they get a chance?
If they are one of the 3.4 billion users on the internet (more than likely they are), they’ll look up your company website.
What do you want them to find?



Or This…

From now until June 19th, we are offering an AMAZING DEAL!

You Get…

  • Custom Written Content

    You don’t have to write a word for your site.

  • Professional Design

    A great looking site that will represent your company well

  • Mobile Compatibility

    It’ll look good on any device

  • Amazing Pictures

    Pictures make a site and you will have access to AMAZING photos to use for your site

  • Professional Email

    Don’t look small time with an email that is “”.  Look like the pro you are with a professional email like

Price: $499

Delivered in 3 Weeks

Here’s How Our Offer Stacks Up Against The Competition

Harquin TechnologiesWixWeeblySquarespace
Price (Based on 2 Year Agreement for Entrepreneurs)$499$336$288$432
Free DomainXXXX
Professionally DesignedX
Professionally Written ContentX
Choose Up To 10 Photos From Our LibraryX
Professional EmailX
SEO OptimizedXX
Mobile CompatibleXXXX
4 Web PagesXXXX
Professionally Constructed For YouX
Premium SupportXXXX

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